May 03, 2020 2 min read

Every one of us loves getting cozy and cuddling with our dog, especially when they have a soft, clean coat. But what to do when your pup starts to get dirty and badly needs a professional groomer to get back the youthfulness and shine?

When the best, comforting dog clothes aren’t enough and you need more to do for your dog, it is time to equip yourself with some important DIY tips and groom your pooch at home without waiting for a professional.

Brushing and bathing your dog

As experts say, it is important to create a routine of brushing your dog for a few times a week for some minutes. Only regular brushing can do a great deal of work in your dog’s grooming work.

Brushing is even recommended over bathing. Even if you insist to give a bath, you need to brush first to get out the heavy dirt, while trying to give a bath without brushing first will only make your job harder and dog dirtier than before.

Try using a smooth, metal pin brush, suitable for long-haired dogs, as it can easily go through long hair and pull out dirt and grass. While short-haired dogs are well done by shedding blade and get their fine hair groomed pretty easily.

The point is to make your dog used to regular brushing, and always do it while keeping him standing.

For bathing, never compromise on the quality of the shampoo as cheaper products often contain harmful, irritating ingredients. According to Linda Easton, head of International Professional Groomers, Inc., diluting a shampoo is good as it can be rinsed out easily and quickly.

Cutting your dog’s hair

After you’re done brushing and bathing your dog, it’s time to give him a well-earned trim. Albeit, stay careful while choosing the right type of scissors. Try going for professional shears or clippers such as No. 10 clipping blade, and also a grooming table to secure your pup during the trimming session.

Unlike human being starting their haircut with wet hair, the case with dogs is otherwise. Your dog need to be dry and clean prior to the trim.

Only use the tips of sharp shears to trim the hair on dog’s paws, face and tail, this is protect you’re your dog from cutting himself out of any sudden movement.

Shaving your dog

For shaving too, your dog must be dry and clean. However, doing shaving at a quiet, distraction-free place in the house is important.

Keep the blade flat against the skin and stay extra vigilant when working on thin skinned areas like underarms, things, hip, and the stifle. Never allow these areas to come in contact with the spaces on the blade.